/Montevallo’s spring has sprung 
Tulips at the Festival of Tulips. Photo by Ashlee Hall, Lifestyles editor.

Montevallo’s spring has sprung 

By Ashlee Hall, Lifestyles editor 

When you think of Montevallo, tourist attractions might not be the first thing to come to mind, but, every spring, hundreds of people travel to the city to stroll the colorful isles of the Festival of Tulips. 

The festival is put on every spring by The American Village. Preparation begins months in advance by planting thousands of tulip bulbs that begin to bloom in late February and reach peak bloom in early March. 

The fields are covered with dozens of rows of a variety of tulips. Pink, purple, red, orange and yellow tulips are available for $2 each plus $5 for admission.

Photos by Ashlee Hall, Lifestyles editor.

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