/Montevallo responds to iOS 7

Montevallo responds to iOS 7

IOS 7 PicRecently, iPhone and iPad users everywhere got the latest and greatest software for their devices when Apple released iOS 7 as the latest iteration of its popular mobile operating system. The update brought a multitude of changes, including a brand new minimalist-style interface, new camera options, a new control center for easily accessing settings and various other enhancements.

As with any great change, reactions differed from person to person, ranging from endearing love and rave reviews across the web to reports of motion sickness due to the animations. Montevallo’s iPhone users also had a great deal to say about the latest from Apple.

“I really like the new interface,” says Josh Keyser, an iPhone 4s user. “It sort of played off of other mobile operating systems, but I like the clean new look.”

While the new interface got an A-OK, not all was perfect. In Josh’s experience, iOS 7 is “still a bit buggy, but ever so slightly,” as he encountered small issues with the lock screen and music playback, along with lessened battery life. “My battery doesn’t hold it’s own like it did on iOS 6, but it’s not enough for me to care too much.”

Kelley Crowley, an iPhone 5 owner, didn’t favor the new interface quite as much. “The entire visual experience past the lock screen has a distinctly toddler-drawn look to it.” The bright pastel colors of Apple’s latest look are a divisive debate in mobile fashion. “My three year old, on the other hand, would love it,” she said.

While the interface didn’t score big with this iPhone user, she still gave high marks to the new App Store, along with iOS’s new multitasking feature.

While Rachel Ruehmer, an iPhone 4s user, approved of the new look, she found it a bit too familiar. “I like it but I think it’s very much a copycat of Windows Phone and Android. It’s kind of a bummer because Apple is supposed to be unique.” A bit of copying isn’t always a bad thing, however, as she feels iOS has “definitely caught up to its competitors.” Like previous owners, Rachel also reported a drop in performance, along with “significantly more” battery drain.

IOS 7 is Apple’s latest attempt at future-proofing its mobile platform. While not perfect, and still somewhat under construction, the latest update offers a new style and useful, if not new, features to iPhones and iPads everywhere.

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