/McDonald’s McDoubles hours

McDonald’s McDoubles hours

McDonald’s on Main Street has heard student requests, and has decided to remain open for 24 hours, seven days a week.

Nearly a year ago, the local fast-food favorite made news when it changed from being a 24-hour store to closing at midnight every night.

This summer, manager Jason Black announced to Montevallo residents that the local store would remain open for 24-hours again, but this time with new perks.

Previously, the only way to get a late-night McDonald’s fix was to go through the drive-thru.

Black reports that he is aiming to create a more student-friendly environment by keeping the lobby open all night. With the installation of new outlets in the lobby, free Wi-Fi and a better air conditioning system, changes have already been made within the locally owned store to invite a more comfortable and studious atmosphere.

Whether you want to stop in for some fries and a drink, or to sit and write a paper for hours, McDonald’s would like to harbor you under its golden arches.

Rolling out the latest menu options, McDonald’s is now offering a breakfast and dinner menu starting at midnight every night, so students can order French Fries or its close cousin, the hashbrown, at the same time.

As part of his plan to establish the best rapport with students at the university, Black is currently hiring students for crew and management positions, and is flexible with student schedules.

For those wishing to apply for work at McDonald’s on Main Street, they can go online to McState.com/17513

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