/Glow in the Dark Yoga: A fun way to relax after midterms 
Graphic by Bell Jackson

Glow in the Dark Yoga: A fun way to relax after midterms 

By Kendall Murray  

The University of Montevallo’s Exercise Science Club hosted a Glow in the Dark Yoga event in collaboration with Moyo Fest on Oct. 25 at Myrick Gym. 

President of the Exercise Science Club, Laura Jones, said she was excited to offer this unique experience to students, faculty and staff. 

After the semester began, she knew she wanted the Exercise Science Club to collaborate with Moyo Fest. 

“When I got together with Dr. Herron, Diane Lander, and Georgia Mrachek we were brainstorming and came up with glow-in-the-dark yoga. This is something Moyo Fest has done in the past before COVID and we all thought it was the perfect idea to bring it back,” said Jones. 

According to Jones, glow-in-the-dark yoga is different from regular yoga because it takes place in a low-lit environment that helps to reduce anxiety participants may feel about doing yoga in front of others. 

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, all participants from outside of the university signed a waiver to participate, but the event was open to students, faculty, staff and community members.  

Jones explained that GloYo is a great way to destress and take a break from the stress of midterms. It is a unique way to practice yoga and socialize while having fun in a relaxing environment.  

“I think that GloYo differs from regular yoga simply because of the glow aspect. Anyone that’s nervous to do yoga in front of others may not have to worry about that because we’ll be in a very low-lit area. You don’t hear of glow-in-the-dark yoga every day and I think it will be a fun experience for anyone that attends,” said Jones. 

Jones says that GloYo is a great way to bring people together in a safe and fun way and is at a perfect time after midterms.  

“I think this can be a very relaxing event for people to take an hour out of their day and just unwind. With yoga, you’re able to leave your busy life at the door, focus on yourself, and have some fun.” 

Jones hopes that GloYo will become an annual event that students can look forward to.  

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