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From the editor’s desk

By Zoe Hall 


As a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I was excited to pick up “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald” by Therese Anne Fowler. After recently visiting the Fitzgerald house in Montgomery, I wanted to learn more about the Fitzgeralds.  

This biological story tells the story of Southern belle Zelda Sayre as she meets the man who later became her husband when he was a young army lieutenant stationed in Alabama. At the dawn of the Jazz Age, this beautiful story brings Zelda to life. 

TV Show 

From one mystery fan to another, finding good shows can be hard to find. Trying to find a show that is thrilling in plot and character and keeps the twists unpredictable is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that “Cruel Summer” does well in solving. This Hulu show recently released and centers around a small Texas town when the popular teen girl, Kate, is abducted, and Jeanette takes her place in the high school hierarchy. The show is visually stunning and keeps me on the edge of my seat. 10/10 recommend. 


Podcasts have become my favorite form of entertainment and “Ladies and Tangents” is exactly what I love. I found this podcast on TikTok and laughed with them in clips, but listening to full episodes made these people I listened to so full of personality and quirkiness. Ciara and Jen are transparent with their struggles and their experiences, especially from their twenties, which is incredibly comforting to hear as I go through these struggles myself. 


If you find yourself scrolling aimlessly for hours on end to burn some extra minutes, you might enjoy Best Fiends. This game is addicting and mind-numbing as I match up the matching shapes using the powers of cute bugs, to beat the evil slugs of course. To take a break from endlessly scrolling from TikTok like me, download today from the app store. 


I’ve been revisiting some old classics, one of which is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Despite the cartoons involved in the story, the movie is a dark noir style film as it follows Eddy, a private detective, as he tries to figure out the titular question. There are numerous entertaining cameos of some of my favorite cartoons including Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop. It’s so worth the rewatch. 

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Ariel Hall is a writer for The Alabamian. She is a senior communication studies major and enjoys reading and photography in her free time. Previously, Zoe has acted as editor in chief, lifestyles editor and advice columnist.