/Free Matt Pitt

Free Matt Pitt

Matt Pitt, Birmingham evangelist for The Basement, has been arrested for impersonating a police officer for the second time. Although the facts reported insinuate Pitt is guilty, his supporters are pleading for his release by insisting that he is being unfairly targeted.

Freepitt.com was created to allow supporters to voice their concerns and gather to help release Pitt from jail. The website contains documents, photos, videos and recordings to prove his innocence. Demonstrators gathered several times in September for the #FreePitt Awareness Tour at the Shelby County Courthouse and Birmingham City Hall.


A five minute video on the webpage outlines the movement and why supporters are so passionate about the cause. The bulk of the video is about segregation rights and repeatedly outlines Birmingham as the “hotbed” of the civil rights movements.

It portrays Pitt as a martyr and insists that, for over a year, the police have been harassing him and his family as well as his staff at The Basement.

“This site plays host to the evidence supporting the innocence of Matt Pitt and the proof of injustice to those who plotted against him.” This statement appears below the video along with a paragraph about their overall goal.

Bail has not been set since the arrest was made on Aug. 20; a court hearing is set for Oct. 15.

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