/Fiji recruits founding fathers

Fiji recruits founding fathers

The fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, “Fiji,” is coming to Montevallo — a process Student Life Director Jenny Bell said has taken two years.

“We wanted to find schools that would mesh well with our goals, and Montevallo was one of them,” said recruiter Josh Wiseman.

Starting on Friday, Feb. 11, two recruiters stayed on campus for six weeks. During that time there were recruitment events for prospective members.

“We are not only looking for the quality of the person but also how effective they will be to Phi Gamma Delta as a whole,” said Wiseman. “There are long term benefits to being a Fiji — from jobs to networking to long life friendships.”

At the end of the six weeks the recruiters will leave behind a founding chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.

“As a founding father you can set the fraternity’s foundation of what you want the fraternity to become,” said Wiseman.  “I, myself, never considered Greek life, but I was fortunate that the Fiji’s were on my campus.”

For more information concerning the fraternity, you can contact Josh Wiseman at jwiseman@phigam.org or be on the lookout for Phi Gamma Delta meetings on campus.

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