/Fashion on the bricks

Fashion on the bricks

Photo by Clarke Stackhouse
Photo by Clarke Stackhouse

Fall has officially started and has brought the hope of cooler weather with its start. The decision of what to wear can be very difficult in the strange in between of warm and cool temperatures.

Junior art major AnnaLeigh Commer found a great way to balance both the temperature outside and the season in her chosen outfit.

Her reddish-plum pants tie in to the trends of fall and give a nice contrast to the green of her shirt. Her patterned t-shirt also is a great way to wear something comfortable and still look cute.

AnnaLeigh said as an art major she hardly has time to wear what she wants without the concern of getting paint on it.

“Sometimes you just have to throw on baggy jeans and an old paint shirt,” she said. “I really like wearing heels but this campus and my major make that impossible.”

She said she likes to use pastels mixed with a pop of bright colors in her art and loves finding a way to incorporate that into her everyday fashion.

AnnaLeigh said she loves shopping at thrift stores and the Gap. She loves the rich colors and textures they have to offer.

As the cool weather moves in, AnnaLeigh can easily just throw on a jacket or cardigan to add layers and depth to her outfit as well as function.

Layering and color play are key to establishing a great wardrobe and a fun way to spice up the seasons outfits.


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