/City enacts new parking ordinance.

City enacts new parking ordinance.

In response to complaints from citizens, the city has established a new parking ordinance for certain residential areas surrounding campus. A combined effort of the city council, mayor and police department, the bill was approved and adopted into law on Monday, Oct. 14.

The ordinance divides the city into six zones. Residents of these zones may purchase a permit from the city clerk for a $20 annual fee. This permit—to be placed in the lower, rear, driver-side window—allows the driver to park only in their designated zone.

According to Montevallo Police Chief Jeremy Littleton, both drivers without a parking pass and those who park outside of their zone will receive a ticket. The $35 fine must be paid within seven days of being ticketed.

Under this program, permits will expire on the first day of August each year. “Since we are just starting the new program,” said Littleton, “the new parking permits will not expire until August 2015.”

A full copy of the ordinance is available on the city’s website, www.cityofmontevallo.com, and parking permits will be available for purchase in the next couple of weeks.

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