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Christmas on the Farm

On Nov. 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Medders Family Farm hosted an event that allowed for about 50 small businesses to have booths open for people to stop by and shop. These booths consisted of a wide variety of food, clothing and decorations for the Christmas season. The Medders also had live Christmas music and Santa Claus for pictures.  

One of the reasons the Medders hosted Christmas on the Farm is because Christmas Village at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex was cancelled. Christmas Village is a yearly event in Birmingham that allows vendors to sell items and was even a money-maker for the Medders, who sold homemade peanut butter.  

A spokesperson for the Medders family said, “We have a beautiful piece of property so we decided to throw something together and offer spots to all of our friends who have business that are struggling with COVID too.”  

With Christmas Village being cancelled, many locals showed up, keeping the Medders farm busy throughout the hours. The Medders mentioned that Christmas on the Farm has been the busiest event they have had all year.  

Christmas on the Farm featured 54 vendors such as Piper and Leaf Tea, Left Lettering, Let Love Grow, and many others.  

Noelle Barrows, the owner of Left Lettering, was at the event to sell her designs of home goods, t-shirts, and other personalized gifts.  

“We decided to jump out of our comfort zone and sign up for the vendor event in Montevallo and it ended up being the best decision we ever made for Left Lettering,” said Barrows.  

At Christmas on the Farm, she ended up selling half of the Christmas ornaments and t-shirts she had there. Barrows mentioned how many connections she was able to make with other local businesses.  

For Barrows, it was a great opportunity to expand and grow her business. Barrows said, “I am so grateful that God has laid this drive and desire in our hearts and I cannot wait to see what is in store for Left Lettering.”  

High schoolers of the Montevallo High School band helped with parking and handling crowds.   

The Medders had a booth to sell homemade flavored peanut butter and t-shirts for the farm. Their booth provided general information and information for their annual spring event next year.  

After the event was over, the Medders noted that they were thrilled to be able to host an event to bring early Christmas spirit. The Medders also mentioned how excited they were for their next upcoming event, Spring Fling, where they will have vendors, an Easter egg hunt and crafts for kids. 

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