/Business affairs VP talks Falcon Flex, loss of Domino’s

Business affairs VP talks Falcon Flex, loss of Domino’s

Domino’s will have the opportunity to accept Falcon Flex again next academic year. Photo by Jamie Haas

There is scarcely a student that has yet to hear the news: Domino’s Pizza is no longer accepting Falcon Flex, the University dining plans’ cash-equivalency system, as a form of payment.  

While this development may have been met with shock and disappointment from many a hungry college kid, Vice President of Business Affairs Mary Ellen Heuton sought to inform the students of UM that the decision to remove Domino’s was not one made with malicious intent. 

“The company that we have signed a contract with to manage Falcon Flex and the GET App is responsible for handling the off-campus businesses that take flex points,” explained Zachary Brown, Assistant to the VP of Business Affairs. “At the end of every school year and before the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1, they renew the contract and make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. In this case, one of the t’s was not crossed, so Domino’s was dropped.”  

Categories reviewed prior to contract renewal include the number of employees a business has, the retention of those employees, overall quality of service and health score rating. 

Heuton was quick to clarify that although she could not disclose exactly which condition Domino’s had left unfulfilled, students need not worry over the health and food safety of the establishment.  

Brown additionally emphasized that Domino’s flex-status this academic year is by no means a permanent fixture. 

“This doesn’t mean that Domino’s is gone forever, it just means that next school year, if the terms and conditions are met and if they have the desire to do so, they just have to reapply,” said Brown. 

In the meantime, students wishing to dine off-campus are reminded that the following establishments still accept flex dollars: Frios, Huddle House, Jack’s, KFC, Main Street Tavern and Subway.  

As for the future of Falcon Flex, Heuton stated that a process is currently in the works to improve the way businesses are added to and removed from the system. 

Students with comments or concerns regarding any aspect of Falcon Foods are encouraged to send their statements to the Food Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff from UM and its purpose is to advise the Vice President of Business Affairs and the Director of Falcon Foods on issues relating to food services on campus. 

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