/Where you can—and where you should—spend your Flex Points 
Coffee at Baba Java at The Strand. Photo by Madelyn Alexander.

Where you can—and where you should—spend your Flex Points 

By Lucy Frost-Helms, Copy editor, Ashlee Hall, Lifestyles editor, Wesley Walter, Managing editor of content, and Cady Inabinett, Editor in chief 

If you have a university meal plan, you have Flex Points—points equivalent to dollars that can be spent on food at restaurants both on campus and in town. Some places to spend your Flex Points are better than others. Here’s the Alabamian staff’s hot takes on where to—and where to not—spend your Flex Points. 

Baba Java: 

The better coffee option in Montevallo. While it’s difficult to not compare it to its building’s former occupant, Strand Coffeehouse— which was far better, in this writer’s opinion, I also appreciate the fact that it exists as an alternative to C’s.  

Pro tip: Get your coffee at Baba Java and desserts at C’s. Win win.  


C’s Cake & Coffee House: 

Cakes and coffee in a house!? What a delectable concept. 

Come for the sandwiches, bring the lasagna home. 



Conveniently located in Farmer Hall and a great place to get a bagel or coffee in between classes. 


El Agave: 

Best place to spend your Flex Points, hands down. Good food, big portions, makes me feel like I’m eating an actual meal after I’ve been eating like I have to scavenge for food—what more could you want in a restaurant. A falcon’s home away from home.  


La Conchita:   

If you are looking for a sweet treat, this is the place to go. The staff is friendly and there are a multitude of options to choose from. Those with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed.  


Main Street Tavern: 

Great spot to watch professors drinking after work and to get ruinously huge portions of good ol’ boy American grub. This is the best use of your flex points. 


Papa John’s: 

Great place to get a slice of pie if you like your pizza drenched in artery clogging butter garlic sauce for some reason.  


Pita Pit: 

Everything here kind of smells and tastes like onions. So, if you’re into that, you might like it. If not, spend your Flex Points somewhere else.  

Great spot to exchange a meal swipe for a wrap, but do not spend real money or flex points here. You should do those two options at El Agave. It’s not worth it! 


Slice Pizza: 

The pizza is fine. Truly, it’s just fine. However, the prices are not. Tell me why I’m spending $10 on pizza that tastes like those big slices of pizza that they sell in the Sam’s Club food court for way less.  

Excellent ranch if you’re willing to spend $13 on chicken wings. 



It’s Subway. What more could you want from it? 


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Cady Inabinett is the editor in chief of The Alabamian. She’s majoring in English and double-minoring in political science and peace and justice studies. She enjoys reading, watching movies, caring for houseplants and generally just being pretentious in her free time.

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Lucy Frost-Helms is the copy editor of The Alabamian. She’s majoring in social science and minoring in philosophy. She enjoys being a goober, eating chicken salad for breakfast, watching “National Treasure” and telling you that she will “definitely pay you back for that.” Lucy has the worst memory of all time and will forget major, important details of stories you tell her.

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Ashlee Hall is the lifestyles editor for The Alabamian. She is majoring in mass communication with a concentration in multimedia journalism with minors in public relations, social media administration and food and nutrition sciences. In her free time, she enjoys reading “Southern Living Magazine,” curling her hair and making niche Spotify playlists.

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Wesley Walter is managing editor for The Alabamian. He is a junior English major and mass communications minor. Wesley boasts a 750 credit score, boyish good looks and soulful eyes that contain a deep indescribable sadness. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, visiting gas stations and thinking about getting into surfing.