/Wesolowski strums up success with new album

Wesolowski strums up success with new album

Student and musician Wanda Wesolowski shares some of her songs to the ArtWalk crowd. Her sophomore album came out Aug. 22. Photo by Dylan Dagnan.

In a campus absolutely brimming with talent, it’s no surprise that the University of Montevallo has an up-and-coming musician in its midst. Wanda Wesolowski, Huntsville native and UM sophomore, released her second album entitled “These Thoughts of You” on Aug. 22, 2015.

A compilation of songs dealing with life and love, “These Thoughts of You” was written during Wesolowski’s second semester of freshman year and recorded the following summer. Truly a do-it-yourself project, the album was recorded within one week in Wesolowski’s bedroom and in the basement of collaborative artist and Belmont University student Jackson Moore, the lead guitarist for several songs on the album.

The album features songs such as “The Slaughter,” “Tie Me Down” and “Simulation,” Wesolowski’s personal favorite. Originally written on the piano, Wesolowski transposed “Simulation” for the guitar, preferring the softer, acoustic sound provided by Moore’s instrumental.

“It’s basically about how every relationship I’ve ever been in was like a simulated love,” Wesolowski elaborated. “It’s all different, but it’s all the same in a way.”

Self-described as verbose folk rock, Wesolowski’s music draws inspiration from bands such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Lady Lamb, and although these artists’ influence is evident in her sound, Wesolowski still manages to create compositions that are sincerely unique to her.

Wesolowski is clearly no novice when it comes to practicing music. Playing throughout her childhood, she was able to pick up an array of instruments: ukulele, guitar, bass, banjo and percussion to name a few.

Her love and passion for music persisted into her teen years as well. She began performing live at the age of 15, busking outside of Bridge Street Town Centre, a mall located in Huntsville. Originally covering popular songs in either two or four hours sets, it wasn’t until she was 16 that Wesolowski delved into performing small venues and writing her own music, discovering who she was as an artist and sharing that with an audience.   

Wesolowski is particularly fond of emoting the lyrics of her songs when she performs, communicating the meaning behind her melodies in a similar manner to that of an actor portraying a character.

“Whenever I play a song, I close my eyes and just sing it,” Wesolowski said, “It sounds really cliché, but I lose reality in a way.”

Expectedly, Wesolowski has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback online for her music, making it all the more surprising that she doesn’t intend to pursue a career as a performer.

While she will always write and record songs, it is only a hobby. Wesolowski’s true passion lies in radio, aspiring to work for NPR and produce her own podcasts.

Whatever her future holds, Wesolowski will find a way to utilize her voice and reach people with her words.

Wesolowski’s music can be found on both her Facebook and bandcamp pages.


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