/Vegetables crossword answer key

Vegetables crossword answer key

By: Annaprenzie Kocsis

1. They are little baby cabbages. Brussel sprouts 

2. In the 1800s this veggie was actually used as a substitute for coffee. Corn 

3. This veggie has its own little house. Pea 

4. This vegetable is a relative of turnips, cabbage, and mustard seeds. Radish 

5. Can be referred to as leaf cabbage. Kale 

6. Originated in Persia, we typically eat taproot of this veggie, but you can also eat the stems and leaves. Carrot 

7. This leafy veggie has a slightly peppery taste. Arugula 

8. Growing this vegetable is a competitive sport in some places, including coal-mining regions of England. Leek 

9. This vegetable can lower blood pressure and raise exercise performance. Beets 

10. This vegetable is a potent anti-inflammatory. Onion 

11. Popeye loves it. Spinach 

11. Shares its name with a sport. Squash 

12. Despite the color being in the name, they can actually come in yellow, purple, speckled, and more. Green beans 

13. This vegetable has been mentioned in these hints five times. Cabbage 

13. It is a cruciferous vegetable that is a significant source of nutrients and is in the same family as cabbage. Cauliflower 

14. If you could have only one food to sustain you, this would be the most optimal vegetable. Potato 

15. Comes in a variety of colors, some spicier than others. Peppers 

16. This veggie will help protect your cells against damage. Eggplant 

17. This vegetable is very rich in antioxidants and is considered “wild cabbage.” Broccoli 

18. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? The world may never know. Tomato 

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