Annaprenzie Kocsis

Campus ghost stories

Photo by Madelyn Alexander  Everyone knows that the campus is haunted, but do you know just how haunted it really is? According to College Consensus, the University of Montevallo is the eighth most haunted college in America. But what ghosts give Montevallo its haunted nature?  What is now known as Reynolds Hall was being used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Captain Henry Reynolds, who the hall would later be named after, oversaw the hospital.   Reynolds had to leave his post at the hospital and assist soldiers at Brierfield Iron Works where the Union was attacking. When he returned to the...

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The affect of COVID-19 on student jobs

Graphic by Bell Jackson Job hunting has gotten a whole lot different with COVID-19 around. Many people have lost jobs due to new restrictions and have filed for unemployment.   Mark Bolton, the manager of student employment at UM, provided statistics for the change in student employment between the 2019-2020 school year and the 2020-2021 school year. He says that from Sep. 3, 2019, there were approximately 259 students on the payroll, compared to the recent payroll done on Sep. 4, 2020 that had approximately 198 students on the payroll.  This means that there was a 24% decrease in student...

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