/Things that should be left in 2014

Things that should be left in 2014

2015 is finally here and with the new year comes new experiences, pop culture phenomenons, memes and possibly new slang. As you begin your “new year, new me” transformation and didn’t get the chance to do so before the ball dropped, here are some things you should leave in 2014.

Yik Yak

The anonymous Twitter-like app became popular on campus at the beginning of the fall semester. From evaluating professors and even finding a roommate, the “yaks” proved to be a somewhat useful resource for students. However, over time use of the app has taken a negative turn. Because of the anonymity of posting, there is no way to hold people accountable for what they post which has led to some situations of bullying and posting “yaks” about specific people.

Turn Down For What?

Originally released in December 2013, “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake featuring rapper Lil John quickly gained popularity in the new year. Rolling Stone magazine voted it the second best song of 2014, calling it “the perfect protest banger for a generation fed up with everything.” The actual phrase “turn down for what” makes up the majority of the song, being repeated 15 times in the song’s three minute and 33 second length. But, with a new year comes new music and the possibility of a new “protest banger” in 2015 is likely, so it’s officially time to “turn down.”


Hackers became a force to be reckoned with in 2014, starting with the celebrity nude leak scandal in late August. By breaking through a security flaw in iCloud, the “cloud” storage service by Apple, a hacker was able to spread private photos from celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton throughout the internet.

Then, on Nov. 24, 2014, a hacker group called “Guardians of Peace” took over Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer system and proceeded to leak unreleased films, personal information about employees and private company emails.

With the frightening ability to bring a large movie production company to its knees and have all of Hollywood, or anyone with certain “pictures” on their iPhone, worrying about their privacy, hackers will hopefully not play an active part in 2015.


To be considered “basic” in 2014 was the ultimate insult. Originating from the Ugg boot/leggings wearing, Starbucks-Instagraming “white girl” stereotype, “basic” made dressing for comfort and enjoying your Frappuchino socially unacceptable. Instead of looking down on a girl for her sartorial choices or “lack of originality,” focus on completing your New Years resolutions and drink your bitter coffee quietly.

Shmoney Dance

The Shmoney Dance first appeared in rapper Bobby Shmurda’s music video for his song “Hot N*gga.” At the 2:20 minute mark of the video, Shmurda throws his snapback up in the air, turns around and starts twisting his upper body around while moving his arms to the left, right and in front of him while keeping to the beat of the song.  Since then, fans of the dance have posted Vines of themselves doing the dance and posting the original Vine to the tune of different songs.

The reason the Shmoney Dance should be left in 2014 is mostly because of the lyrics the dance goes to. There are continuous references to drug dealing and gun violence both past and present, making the entire song a testament to the gang activity that Shmurda and his friends are involved in.

On Dec. 17, 2014, he was arrested in New York City for conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, gun possession and is currently being held on two million dollar bail.

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