Jasmyne Ray

UM welcomes new provost

James H. McDonald started his work as provost on campus on July 1. Photo courtesy of University Relations. Walking across campus at the beginning of a new semester you can expect to see a lot of unfamiliar faces. This year, one new face stands out from the rest. Dr. James McDonald is the newest addition to the University’s administrative faculty, stepping into the role of provost and vice president of academic affairs. Before coming to Montevallo, he was part of the faculty at Southern Utah University, working as both the dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences...

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Charlottesville: the aftermath

As most Alabamians know, the Confederate States of America were established in Montgomery in 1861, with Montgomery acting as the capital. However, when Virginia seceded from the Union, they offered up the city of Richmond to serve as the capital. With Montgomery being a much smaller city located so far south, it was an offer the Confederacy couldn’t refuse. Even though the Confederacy lost the Civil War, its remnants and relics are spread throughout the South. After the Charleston shooting in 2015, there was a call to action to remove Confederate monuments. As more people began to rally around the idea and some of the monuments began to come down, many were worried that their Confederate heritage was being erased. Earlier this month, a rally to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park (renamed from Lee Park in 2016) in Charlottesville, Virginia was held August 11 and 12. Dubbed the “Unite the Right” rally, protesters in the form of white nationalists, supremacists and neo-Nazis flocked to Charlottesville donning swastikas and Confederate flags and marching to racist chants. Something to understand is that rallies like these are protected under the First Amendment. The people in attendance were practicing a constitutional right. However, things took a dangerous turn when the protesters began to get violent with the counter-protesters at the scene. The governor declared a state...

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UM welcomes new library director

Ford has worked in a library setting for more than 30 years. Photo by Jasmyne Ray for The Alabamian. After six years in the position, Kathy Lowe has stepped down as the director of Carmichael Library. Taking her place is Dr. Charlotte E. Ford. “I’ve always loved libraries, and have worked in library settings for more than 30 years” Ford said. Born in Lexington, Ky., she began her career as most librarians do: shelving books in the public library. Since then, she has worked in a library in some capacity, either as a librarian or library science instructor in...

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