/The Lady of Hanson

The Lady of Hanson

There is said to be a lady looking over Hanson Hall, who wanders the halls at night, tidying up and watching over the residents. There are many conflicting stories as to who the Hanson ghost might be; some say she is a former housemaid who never abandoned her role. Some say she is the ghost of a former RA. While the folklore is conflicting, the stories always sculpt a maternal figure, one who has a strict moral code and often believes they are watching out for the residents.

Arabella Cortes, a resident of Hanson said the ghost “could be anywhere here.” The spirit, whomever they may be, haunts the sorority hall, working “like an RA.” The ghost often grabs coffee cups and dishes that are misplaced or dirty.

The ghost is one of strict ethics and morality. Cortes said that “she’s kind of strict on curfews. She will knock on wood; she will grab cups that are misplaced.” Cortes also said that the ghost will haunt you “if you’re not going to sleep.”

Conflicting though the lore may be, the majority of residents believe the ghost is the woman depicted in the mural of Hanson. Full of cool undertones, the painting greets residents and newcomers alike with a stern, unwelcoming face.

The lady is said to be Mrs. Wenona White Hanson, and she was married to Mr. Victor Hanson, publisher of The Birmingham News. The Hansons made sizeable donations to Alabama College, and they are the dormitory’s namesake.

Mrs. Hanson may truly be the Lady of Hanson, wandering around the dorm to make sure the residents are kept safe. Or maybe the Lady of Hanson is more malevolent, haunting residents who she deems as rule-breakers, and we should listen to Cortes when she said, “don’t go on the third floor.”

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