/Strand Coffeehouse to bring gourmet coffee to Montevallo
Photo by Madelyn Alexander, Photography editor

Strand Coffeehouse to bring gourmet coffee to Montevallo

By Raegan Lindsey  

Strand Coffeehouse, opening in the former Strand movie theater on Main Street, is set to become Montevallo’s newest business. The owner Sean Eichelberger, is not new to the coffee scene. 

Eichelberger spent 12 years working at Joe Mugg’s coffee. 

Eichelberger has used this experience to open his coffeehouse. When looking for a place to open his dream business, he felt Montevallo was a perfect choice.  

“My fiancé is a professor at the university, and after visiting a few times for events…I just began to enjoy everything that Montevallo has to offer. Even though it’s a small city, it’s lively and vibrant and full of unique creative people from different places,” said Eichelberger.   

Students around campus and people in the community have shown support and excitement for the new establishment. 

“I’m so excited about the new coffee place. I’m excited to have a new place to study and a different environment to focus on,” said Reagan Story, a junior majoring in speech pathology. However, Strand Coffeehouse is not opening just yet.  

“We hope to be open before the end of this semester, but we should definitely be open when everyone returns for next semester,” said Eichelberger. 

“I’m definitely excited about the new coffee shop,” said Dr. Emma Atwood, an English professor. “It will keep some traditional Montevallo flair with the Art Deco décor and homage to the old movie theater.” 

Strand movie theater was known for its eclectic style and variety of shows that it played. Eichelberger hopes to continue the legacy of Strand Movie Theater by offering more than what is common.  

“There is so much great coffee out there in the world, and I think anyone deserves to try as much different great coffee as possible, especially in such an amazing place like Montevallo,” Eichelberger said.  

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