/Spotify Playlist: Back in the Saddle

Spotify Playlist: Back in the Saddle

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“Blockbuster Night Part 1”- Run the Jewels

There’s no bones about this one. It’s an utterly foul-mouthed tirade from two rappers convinced of their own superiority. Killer Mike and El-P present a bulletproof list of why they are better, why everyone else is not and what they are prepared to do in order convince their opposers.

“Bulletproof Picasso”- Train

If you’re looking for a sign to pursue your passions, this song is it. With heartfelt lyrics accompanied by the band’s signature pop rock instrumentation, Train encourages their audience to live and love without reason.

“Go Big or Go Home”- American Authors

In this upbeat tune by American Authors, listeners are encouraged to either do everything to the fullest or to do nothing at all. When it comes to the upcoming semester’s endeavors, hopefully everyone will choose the former.

“Let’s Go Back”- Everyday Sunday
Get pumped and blast this awesome pop-punk song to get you back into the groove of class, friends and studying.

Peaceful Easy Feeling”- The Eagles
School can be stressful, and sometimes even the smallest of workloads can make you feel like you’re stranded out at sea. Go ahead and make a vow to take it easy this semester, and let this folky California tune wash right over you.

“Texas Funeral”- Hop Along               Throat shredder Frances Quinlan roars the phrase “None of this is gonna happen to me!” like a battle cry against negative consequences. Whether you interpret it as a clear eyed declarative pledge or a self-righteous admission of denial, it’s hard not to get swept up in its anthemic stomp.

“Alright”- Kendrick Lamar

A rally cry against social injustice, this K-Dot anthem puts you in the mood to make a change. The monochromatic music video paints the song’s radical lyrics vividly and even features a brave Lamar standing on top of a street lamp post.
“Seagull”- Ride

The opening track off the shoegazers debut album, “Seagull” blasts forth and never stops once the screaming guitars of Andy Bell and Mark Gardener touch down. The song’s lyrics depict a mind bending transformation as “feathers fall to the floor” and the narrator flies into the air leaving his opposition far below. It’s a six minute sonic pummeling that feels good every single time.

“Rollercoaster”- Bleachers

Start your week out right with the realization that life (all cliches aside) is a rollercoaster, full of highs and lows. Just remember to enjoy the ride and get ready for another great semester.

“Heroes”- David Bowie
In the wake of his tragic and untimely death, I can think of no better way to honor David Bowie’s memory than to pump out this anthemic mid-seventies classic. So go ahead and be a hero, if only for one day.


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