/Spotify Playlist: A homecoming soundtrack

Spotify Playlist: A homecoming soundtrack

Feel at home wherever you are with our Issue 7 playlist: listen here.

“Home” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Like the title suggests, this song is perfectly reminiscent of the elements of home that make it worth visiting. The playful duet of male and female voice evokes the feelings of home being “wherever I’m with you.” The steady, rolling beat projects vivid images of the rhythm of traveling back to the place where one feels safe and warm – the circular patterns of the song are the wheels that bear you home.

“Safe Place to Land”- Christian Burghardt

With an overarching theme of having a place one can return to when in need of comfort, it’s hard not to relate this track back to returning home after a semester away. Burghardt’s tender intonation, accompanied by an upbeat instrumental, only aids in providing a sense of warmth and familiarity to the song.


The combination of a steady drum beat and strum pattern creates an earthy tone, perfect for the Thanksgiving season. With the addition of the lyrics, the luxury of returning home in the midst of the impending chaos of approaching finals is brought to the forefront. You’re pointedly reminded that you’ll “be crying for mercy” but reassured that you are “going home now” by a harmonious, chant-like chorus that tugs at the heartstrings. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your drive home, no matter how long until you’re there.

“Past Lives”-Real Estate

This easy going tune is the sonic equivalent of the warm, longing nostalgia one feels when visiting a familiar place. The lyrics simultaneously recognize the power of past memories and the sad realization that going home won’t replicate them. “Oh, but I can see the sky is not the only thing that changes rapidly,” sighs singer Martin Courtney near the end of the chorus.


Driven by the Truckers’ triple threat guitar brigade, this tune is packed with stern but loving familial advice straight out of a father’s mouth. “Don’t act like your family’s a joke,” Jason Isbell sings, and you know you never will.

“When I Get Back”-Handsome Furs

The booming synths and steady groove will keep you awake as you make the journey back home. The lyrics celebrate the idea of returning to an old place with a new sense of self. A few months away may induce change, but it only means familiar faces will have a lot more to learn about.


There are, of course, some of us who’d rather not face what was left at home. This barn burner of a song winds its way through several verses of detached musings about old feelings and empty possibilities. Drums crash through the calm atmosphere as the song careens to life and singer Jeff Tweedy growls a caustic thanks for nothing to those who ask for it.

“Rise” – Eddie Vedder

If ever it were possible for a mandolin to be wistful, it occurs in this song. Vedder’s voice soars with the emotion of rising up over past mistakes to emerge better than before. This communicates images of travelling home as he sings of going to a place where one can “rise up and find…direction.” This is done in the security and comfort of home, where one can surround themselves with the warmth of familial care. The song speaks of hope for the events to come at the end of the journey home.

“I’m Going Home”-Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack

Returning home after being away for a while, especially away at college, can always be a bittersweet moment. This song captures a rich sentimentality of the duality of being excited and nervous about leaving new friends and returning to old friends and family. It’s a surprisingly beautiful song from a strange source, just like returning home can be a surprisingly beautiful moment.


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