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Shop till you drop, on a budget

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During the Christmas season, the one tradition that is most practiced is the giving and receiving of gifts. For many, it is more about the giving of presents and the joy that it brings to others than it is receiving gifts for themselves, but Christmas shopping can get expensive, which limits what you can give to the amount you’re able to spend. Hopefully this holiday season, the list below will aid you in purchasing good gifts in Montevallo on a small budget. 


Homemade Fudge: $2 or less; price varies depending on the type and size.  

The fudge at Smitherman’s is well known in the community as a tasty treat and would make for a great stocking stuffer, or even a simple way to say “I love you” to someone special.  

Fidget Spinners: $1 

Remember back in high school when everyone was obsessed fidget spinners? I bet you thought they were gone, and for the most part they are, but they haven’t been forgotten. A classic throwback, this makes for an entertaining and inexpensive present to give.  


Slinky: $5.79 

Many a happy day were spent in my grandmother’s house using my slinky to pretend to be a robot from a distant world. Sadly, the era of the slinky is mostly pat, but this is still an excellent gift to buy for your younger siblings, particularly if they never had one in the past. 

EZ Build Gingerbread House: $9.49 

Gingerbread house making is a fun Christmas tradition, but not everyone has time to bake their own gingerbread for the house. This offers an excellent way for you to enjoy the tradition, without actually having to bake anything. The kit even comes with some candy for you to use as decorations. 

Thunder Tumbler: $12.99 

The sound of high-pitched whining engine accompanied by a yowling cat. This fun remote-controlled car is a great gift for someone else’s kid. 

Thermal Boot Socks: $3.99 

As a rule of thumb, most people aren’t looking to get socks for Christmas, but sometimes, particularly if you’re a poor college student who hasn’t bought new socks in years, you just need more socks. These socks are an excellent gift for that friend that you know needs more socks.  

The Happy Dollar 

Rubber Squeaky Chicken: $2.99 

This is a versatile gift, because it’s actually a dog toy. So, you can buy it for your newspaper staff Dirty Santa party, and then if anyone gets annoyed at you for buying a gag gift, you just point out to them that their dog will love it.  

Foam Sword and Shield: $1.29 

A great gift for any young lads or lasses you know that needs tools for their dragon slaying, or hey, get it for yourself. Afterall, you can’t let the kids have all the fun, and there can never too many dragon slayer 

Iron Man Remote-Controlled Helicopter: $9.99 

The sky is the limit with this gift. Take to the air behind the remote of Tony Stark’s helicopter in the traditional Iron Man colors of red and gold.  

Dollar General: 

Goofy Pet Mugs: $2 

Most of us have at least one friend that is ridiculously obsessed with their pets and you know that they’d love a goofy mug that proclaims loud and proud just how much they love their pet in the most obnoxiously cheesy way possible.  

Decorated Boxes: $1-5 

Part of the fun of Christmas is looking at all the boxes scattered beneath the tree, so why not spend just a little extra money and make your box something special? It’s a great value gift because the box will be reusable and your friend can use it for a present next year. You could even make it a tradition to exchange fun boxes each year.  

Lucky’s One Dollar Zone: 

Vintage Ball and Paddle Set: $1 

It might seem a little odd, but messing with one of these is actually a fairly entertaining way to pass some time. It’s also a bit of a novelty, which makes it a fun gift to put in someone’s stocking or give during Dirty Santa.  

Candles: $1  

A great way to light up the house after the storm as well a good way to keep the bathroom smelling clean, candles are a pretty safe bet to go with if you want to give someone something they can use, but aren’t sure what.  

Tractor Supply Company: 

Smith and Wesson’s American Heroes Pocket Knife: $16.99 

This is a pretty nice-looking knife with an American flag pattern. It would make a great gift for any individual that appreciates a quality knife and wants to spiffy up their collection a bit.  

Fleece Throws: $14.99 (currently on sale) 

With the winter weather coming up, everyone appreciates something to bundle up with while watching the latest hallmark movie and sipping a mug of hot chocolate.  

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