/SGA creates executive position
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SGA creates executive position

By: Jacob Gross

SGA recap: Higher Education Day  

By: Jacob Gross  

For their first meeting since the holiday break, the SGA senate held a workshop with the Higher Education Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for more college funding. The workshop was in preparation for Higher Education Day, an annual event in Montgomery where students lobby Alabama’s lawmakers to support funding for universities.  

One of the most important aspects of Higher Education Day is the lunch, where representatives from Montevallo will be able discuss policies with Alabama’s senators and representatives. The majority of the meeting focused on strategies for the luncheon and discussing with Alabama’s representatives and senators.  

The event is held on Feb. 24, and features a parade to the State House, a rally at the State House steps and meetings with legislature during lunch. Speakers at Higher Education Day include chairs of both legislative houses, according to Gordon Stone of the Higher Education Partnership.  

In the second meeting of the semester, SGA senate had a more conventional meeting. The senate heard reports from executive cabinet members, swore in new executive cabinet members and passed legislation.  

The group passed bill 2122-B-034, which creates a new executive cabinet member position, Director of Sports Promotion. The position will act as a liaison between the athletic department and SGA. Applications for the position will be available soon on FalconLink.  

Two senators were sworn into executive cabinet at the Jan. 19 meeting as well. Ivey Siegel was sworn into the newly created role of UPC coordinator, and Pro Tempore Jayden Spear was sworn in as Director of Public Relations. Votes to fill the recently vacated role of Pro Tempore will be held during the senate meeting on Jan. 26.  

At the meeting, president AnaKate Andrasko informed the senate that Tony Miller, Director of Student Conduct and Title IX Coordinator is asking senators to write statements regarding what students expect in terms of conduct and behavior from their classmates. Andrasko commented saying that it is “a statement to place in the Fledgling for students by students to let incoming and returning students understand the expectations and value we hold for the university and each student that calls Montevallo home.”  

SGA will also host a town hall on Jan. 26 at 5:30 p.m. The town hall will focus on sexual misconduct and assault, and will be held in the Humanities Auditorium and on Zoom. 

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