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American Pi and Black Eyed Pea

Quick costumes for the witching hour

Warning: Attending a Halloween event as American Pi or a Black Eyed Pea could result in immediate groans from those around you. Photo by Alli Patton for The Alabamian.

Quick! Need a costume that costs nothing and can be made from materials around your room? The Alabamian presents 11 quick ideas to make the most of any Halloween appearance.

Easy to make
Brawny Paper Towel Man- For this, you need a white undershirt, a red and black checkered button down shirt, a brown belt and blue jeans. It might help to have paper towels.

Orbit girl– We’ve all seen the commercials where this gum heroine swoops in cleaning up dirty mouths everywhere. All you need is a blue scarf, clear tape, a printed out Orbit logo, either a white dress or white pants and a white button down. It really helps to have some Orbit Gum for this costume.

Holly Golightly- For all those “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fans, you can finally live out your dreams of being Holly Golightly for one night of Halloween wonder. For this one, you need to print out a picture of Golightly’s signature sleep mask and cut it out. Afterward, just punch holes in the side and tie a very loose rubber band or string through the holes. This easy to make mask, some black heels and a large white button down makes a great costume.

Tourist– You just need a Hawaiian shirt, khakis, sandals and maybe a fanny pack. Instant costume!

Banksy Flower Thrower costume- If you want to go for a more thought-provoking costume, try this one of British graffiti artist Banksy’s “Flower Thrower” piece. For this costume, you need white pants, a plain black shirt (or one turned inside out), some flowers, a black bandana and a black baseball cap.

Simple Punny Costumes

Black Eyed Peas– For all you music fans, get another procrastinating friend and make this easy group costume. Get two t-shirts        and duct tape large P’s on them. Then use black eyeshadow to darken one of your eyes, and you have a beautifully funny Black Eyed Peas costume.

Nickelback– All you need is to print off a large picture of a nickel and then tape it to the back of your shirt. “Get it? Nickel… back!” you’ll be explaining it all night.

Ceiling fan- This costume can be done in many variations but the main message you’ve got to get through is you’re a fan of ceilings. At bare minimum you could make a sign saying: “Go Ceilings!” Try pepping it up with a foam finger, a paper megaphone, or maybe a pom pom or two.
American pi- For this costume, it helps to have any article of clothing imprinted with the American flag. If you don’t, it’s a quick fix. Just print one off and tape it to a shirt. Now, you need to write “pi” somewhere on yourself or your shirt. If you don’t wish to write on yourself or to ruin a shirt, just write as many digits as possible on a piece of paper and tape it on.

Absolutely Last Minute Costumes
Ironic no costume: This is a funny, simple costume that should be easily recognized by anyone who has been on the Internet. Again, this can be done multiple ways. One way is to just tape on a white t-shirt the phrase “Error 404 Costume Not Found.” If you print it, just make sure to make it’s large enough to read.

Nudist on strike: This is by far the easiest costume. All you need is a piece of paper on which to write “Nudist on Strike.” Just carry it around and you’ve got an instant costume.

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