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New city council inducted

The Montevallo City Council met Monday, Oct. 26, for their regularly scheduled, biweekly meeting. The council met to discuss the set agenda as well as field the concerns of citizens who chose to attend the meeting. The council met in person both in person and via Zoom, with the meeting livestreamed on the city’s Facebook page. 

This meeting was the last meeting of the current city council and with Dr. Hollie Cost serving as mayor. The members of the council that will not be returning for another term, Rusty Nix, Jason Peterson, Tiffany Bunt, Arthur Herbert and Willie Goldsmith, were recognized by the council.  

The new members of the council, including Mayor-Elect Rusty Nix, were inducted on Nov. 2.  

Additionally, the council chamber was renamed to the Willie C. Goldsmith Council Chamber in honor of Willie Goldsmith, who has served on Montevallo’s City Council for 30 years.  

Additionally, the 2018-2019 audit review was presented. The audit, which was conducted by the firm DeLoach, Barber & Caspers, P.C., reported that the city is worth $16.9 million; with $13 million in fixed assets—infrastructure within the city, and $1.5 million in cash. Over the past year, the city has made $784,431 in profits and $668,000 in taxes. This is a $50,000 increase in tax revenue from the year before, which is a “very good indication that [the city] is growing.”  

Additionally, the city currently holds $1.475 million in restricted cash, which is used as a reserve system for emergencies, essentially. This is also a $50,000 increase from the previous year.  

Currently, the city is about $3 million in debt. This debt can be linked back to joint venture problems, such as projects with the Montevallo Development Cooperative District.  

Ultimately, the auditor present at the meeting, said that he believes the city is “really safe,” but does believe that the city should focus on saving more in emergency reserves. 

The next upcoming City Council meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 9, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be the induction of new members and will be livestreamed on the city’s Facebook page. Citizens may also attend the meeting in person at City Hall. However, there will be limited seating and social distancing protocols put in place. 

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