/Mike Winfield brings laughter to UM

Mike Winfield brings laughter to UM

The University of Montevallo welcomed comedian Mike Winfield to Farmer Hall on Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. Winfield performed a combination of slapstick, crude, improvised and sarcastic jokes for an hour and a half. “I’ve been travelling a lot in search of the best Mexican food,” he said in one of his main and recurring jokes.

photo by Mandy Steadman
photo by Mandy Steadman

Winfield’s background includes a Masters in English, a minor role as a warehouse worker in the hit T.V. series, “The Office” and his own program on the Fuze Network called “Offbeat.”

A lot of the students that attended laughed and interacted with him during his performance.

“I think he did a great job with getting his point across. The awkward moments were hilarious as well,” said student Bria Hines.

A couple of students, however, said they felt he touched some subjects that were uncomfortable.

“He had some points where he was kind of pushing it. Overall, he was okay,” said Alexandria Cottrell.

Student Anleia Nance said she enjoyed his performance and that his personality really helped the students connect with him.

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