/Letter from the SGA President
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Letter from the SGA President

Dear Montevallo Falcons, 

I am so excited to have you all back this Fall semester! My name is Thomas Dillard, and I am a Junior Business major here at Montevallo. I am currently serving as the Student Government Association President.  

That being said, my job is to ensure every student is getting the most out of their college experience. If there is anything academic, social, or extracurricular that I can help you with, please let me know.  

The Student Government Association wants every student’s voice to be heard. Only together can we make Montevallo grow and make it better for all students. I know this year may look different from past years, but I know that we can make it another great school year. In order to prepare for this upcoming fall, I encourage you all to do your part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Through social distancing and wearing a mask, we can limit the spread while getting the college experience. 

Numerous resources can be found online, on social media, and around campus. There will also be several emails sent out by the University to provide you information, so be sure to check your student email daily.  

All of us need to follow the University guidelines to protect one another and prevent the spread of cases. While we protect each other following social distancing guidelines, I encourage you to find a way to get connected to campus. It’s important to be connected with others in college, and that’s why several organizations are moving to virtual events throughout this semester. Whether it’s Greek formal recruitment, SGA events, UPC events, or any other organization, I hope you will find a way to stay involved and have fun.  

You can stay up-to-date on upcoming events through Falconlink and the numerous student organization social media pages. I would also like to encourage you to use campus resources to help you navigate college life. There is a lot of stress when it comes to being a college student, but there are resources on campus to help you.  

If you need academic, mental health, or post-graduate help, there are resources on campus that will be happy to help. With resources like the Learning Enrichment Center, the Grainger Family Center for Personal Development, the Career Development Center, and several others, every student has access to these tools to help them succeed.  

I know there may be many questions and concerns, but I am sure we will make the most out of this upcoming semester. As long as we do our part, we will have a great year. I can’t wait to see everyone back on the bricks, and I encourage you all to be safe and have fun! 


Thomas Dillard 

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