/La Conchita provides sweet treats to Vallo community

La Conchita provides sweet treats to Vallo community

Pastries range in price from 99 cents to $3.99 at La Conchita. Photo by Jamie Browder

As Montevallo students were ushered home for spring break on Friday, March 29, the newest addition to Main Street businesses, La Conchita, opened its doors and ushered in its first customers. 

Owners Alejandro Sanchez, Antonio Sanchez and Moises Mateo sought to bring a taste of Mexico to Main Street Montevallo with the breads and pastries of bakery La Conchita, located just across the street from El Agave.  

The family also owns two food outlets in Nashville and are hoping to open a second bakery in Hoover. 

Armando Sanchez, the owners’ son, and his family hope La Conchita reminds local Hispanic citizens of bakeries from Mexico.  

“I hope that people realize how the culture of Mexico is, because really that’s how bakeries in Mexico are,” said Armando Sanchez. 

The bakery was given its name after the family agreed that the concha is a type of bread most often discussed regarded as iconic and traditional in Hispanic culture. The name La Conchita is derived from the Spanish word concha, which is a type of Mexican sweet bread. The word concha translates to “shell” or “sea shell,” and refers to the characteristic shape of the pastry. 

According to Sanchez, business has been booming and many citizens have circulated through La Conchita since its opening. He believes the business’ location and its history has influenced the influx of customers. 

“It’s like a historic place, because it used to be a bank. That helped a lot with the publicity because it was a historic building,” said Armando Sanchez. 

Although the shop has been open for a few weeks now, the excitement does not appear to have died down since the business’ inception. 

“I’ve been waiting for it. It’s good and authentic. I’ve been trying one of everything every couple of days. Everything has been really good,” said Taylor Reed, a Montevallo resident.  

Armando Sanchez stated he hopes customers from UM come to see the bakery’s good prices and taste some of their bread or pastries.  

“I wish they knew that the bread is really good, and it’s not that expensive. Most people think it’s expensive because it looks fancy. It’s not really expensive,” said Armando Sanchez. 

He also explained that some of the pastries cost a dollar or more because their fruit is fresh and imported from Mexico. Some of the pastry fillings offered include guava, pineapple, apple, cheese and cream cheese. 

“The most expensive thing we have in little pastries is a cupcake that has either lemon or cheese inside and on top it has vanilla with Bavarian cream that has either a strawberry or cherry,” he added. “Those are $3.99.” 

He also described the process of making certain pastries as something that takes extensive preparation because they are so intricate, which is why they come at a higher price. 

La Conchita is located at 609 Main Street and is open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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