/10 tips for getting and keeping an internship

10 tips for getting and keeping an internship

With deadlines approaching, many students may find themselves frantically putting together resumes and cover letters in hopes of landing the perfect summer job or internship. Here are a few things to remember when presenting yourself as a potential employee.

  1. Brush up on your interview skills: steady eye contact and a firm handshake can help you stand out. The Career Development Center located on the second floor of Farmer Hall offers mock interview practice and can aid you in pinpointing areas that need improvement.
  2. Have four to five anecdotes pertaining to different experiences rehearsed and ready to use when answering questions in an interview. (For example, a time you worked on a team, a time you resolved a conflict, the most difficult assignment you have worked on, your biggest weakness and how you combat it, your strengths, etc.)
  3. Send follow-up emails after interviews! The few minutes it takes you to type up a thank-you-for-your-time email are well worth the potential difference it can make.
  4. Be multi-faceted and multi-talented. Employers are looking to do more with less, so make sure you show potential employers how you would be an asset to them.
  5. Keep an updated portfolio website with samples of your work. Actions speak louder than words and a professional collection of your past work will show your skillset.
  6. Do your research! Know what the organization you are applying for stands for by checking their website and social media for recent news and goals.
  7. Display a genuine interest and passion for the field! Be attentive and show a willingness to learn.
  8. Hone necessary skills for the workforce such as flexibility and good time management.
  9. Make yourself convenient to your employer! Being able to work more than two days a week will help both the organization and yourself in the long run.
  10. Don’t come in with a sense of entitlement. Your employer can tell if you view the position as a stepping stone to a “better” one. Remember each job you work is an opportunity to learn and better yourself as an employee.
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