/Fashion on the bricks: Abie Thomas

Fashion on the bricks: Abie Thomas

Abie Thomas shows of her model-off-duty style with a leather jacket, black denim and leather booties.

Model off duty style is a trend so easy anyone can get it right. The messy hair. The slouchy tees. The ripped jeans. It doesn’t get any better or easier. All it takes is pairing the right simple pieces together to make the perfect effortless look.

Started by simply observing what models wore as they were leaving fashion shows, the trend is the perfect combination of comfy and cool. You can keep it high fashion by dressing down a statement top or band tee with a pair distressed jeans, or you can try a more athleisure approach and pair sweats with a slouchy tee and cool sneakers.

Sophomore Abie Thomas lives by MOD look but gives it her own personal twist.

“I feel like in high school I was really afraid to wear what I wanted to wear,” Thomas said. “You couldn’t wear crop tops, you couldn’t wear ripped jeans, and so when I got to college I was able to experiment.”fotbthomas2


Thomas’s usual ensemble consists of jeans, a band tee and her trusty leather jacket or a dress paired with knee high socks and booties. Thrift stores are her go-to stops for band tees and sweaters, but she also favors Free People and Urban Outfitters despite their big price tags.


Instagram and Tumblr are two of her main sources for inspiration, as well as YouTuber HeyClaire’s style and Vanessa Hudgens.

“Her style over the years, like her Coachella [look] and her day to day style,” said Thomas. “We just have similar style.”

A New Years’ style resolution for Thomas is to start accessorizing more and layering necklaces.

“I would say to not wear black as much, but let’s be real,” Thomas said. “It’s just the best color. It just makes sense. It looks good with everything.”

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