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Fiji gets fancy

Fiji member Kahlil Kyles has eye shadow applied during Groom A Phi Gam. Photo by Jasmyne Ray. Additional event photos here.

Fiji is getting fabulous for more than just the laughs. Brothers of Montevallo’s Fiji colony held its first campus fundraiser, Groom a Phi Gam, on Main Quad on Wednesday Oct. 8 in order to raise money necessary for a charter to become a full fledged Greek organization on campus.

Fiji members set up a booth containing makeup, face paint, nail polish and other cosmetics. Students were invited to donate and apply a cosmetic item to a Fiji member of the students’ choice. Donation minimums for each cosmetic varied, but a donation of $5 allowed students unlimited use of all cosmetics.

After students finished their “grooming” they took pictures with their models. According to Fiji President Hunter Huie, the pictures were posted to the Instagram page @montevallofiji. Students were asked to choose their favorite makeup by liking the posts. At the end of the day, students in the post with the most likes would become the winners.

Winners of Groom a Phi Gam were Katelyn Mitchell, Kailin Parker, Marcus Moore and Miles Jenkins who gave Brian Kirkwood his makeover. The group received a $20 gift card to the Main Street Tavern as their prize.
“I hope everyone has a good laugh and a good time,” says Fiji brother Zach Miller. He says he hopes the event will not only raise money for the colony, but also leave a good impression to the campus.

Chris Holder and Roosevelt Mendez collaborated to create the idea for the fundraiser. “Groom a Phi Gam is one of many events Fiji will be putting on campus, so come support us so we can go from a colony to a great chapter!” Mendez exclaims.


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