/Spotify Playlist: Floating into Fall with the Alabamian

Spotify Playlist: Floating into Fall with the Alabamian

The White Stripes-”We’re Going to Be Friends” From the first soft strums of the guitar to the opening line that welcomes Fall in with only the slightest hesitation, this song is quintessential autumn blues mixed with a sense of hope for what is to come in the transition of the seasons.

Branches- “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” Fall is the season of transformation; the leaves change color, and the heat of summer is exchanged for cool, crisp air. Perhaps this is why the transformative power of the acoustic guitar is so well suited for the season as it transfigures this once 70’s rock inspired track into a warm, autumnal tune.

The Doors – “Runnin’ Blue” There are so many tempo changes in this song not unlike the changes in environment and atmosphere during the fall season. The rhythm makes me want to go for a long drive, watching the leaves fall.

Aphex Twin-“Xtal” This is the pure, unabashed contentment one feels when wrapped in Fall’s chilly evening air. Its flickering beat plods steadily while a wispy, soothing voice dances in the background. I recommend it for homework on the quad while the afternoon sky gently fades to a darker and darker blue.

The Paper Kites – “Neon Crimson” This song has the most autumnal feel with the soft sounds of the band’s voices, reminiscent of a cool breeze, and the melody, like the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Hozier- “Cherry Wine” – Live The combination of the gentle strum of the guitar and Hozier’s soft, low voice makes this the ideal song to listen to when winding down from a busy autumn day, especially if accompanied by a fresh cup of hot chocolate.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners-”Come On Eileen” The fiddle in the song gives strong feelings of fall. The leaves crunching under your feet, spices in the air, and a crisp chill whipping against your back. Clear a dance floor in your dorm room and dance the stress away.

Ed Sheeran-“Autumn Leaves” As if the title wasn’t obvious enough, this light little tune will help you fall right into Autumn (pun intended).  So whether you’re kickin it on the quad or commuting in the early morning chill to get to school on time, let Ed’s smooth melody get you to a cooler state of mind.

John Mayer and Tom Petty live at the Nokia Theatre “Free Fallin” Turn it up loud wherever you may be and feel right in the midst of an evening summer concert.  Even though we’re moving into Fall, we can still look back and reflect on another summer come and gone.  Whether it was good or bad, let this iconic song with rustic guitar licks and picks help you turn a new leaf into the changing season.

Grizzly Bear-”On A Neck, On a Spit” Fall is inexplicably the season where woodsy instrumentation fits in best with the changing environment. Grizzly Bear at first use banjo, fiddle and mandolin to evoke the familiar crackle of leaves under foot and gradually cooling air. However, the back-half’s furious freakout at the end warns of the approach towards the dark, biting nights of Winter. Happy listening!

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