/Halloween costumes made easy

Halloween costumes made easy

Every year, it sneaks up on us. No, no, not midterms. It’s something far scarier… Halloween.


Many people plan their costumes weeks, even months, in advance, but if we’re all honest with ourselves, no one knows what they’re truly going to be until the day of. So if you’re not ready for Halloween, have no fear. There are plenty of easy costumes to make.

First, a real witch: “Mean Girls” monster Regina George. Who here has been personally victimized by Regina George? She is one scary lady, so she is a perfect costume opportunity. What you need: long, blonde hair or a long, blonde wig. Then, cut two holes out of a white tank top just so it shows the center of a purple bra (think gym scene), add a short skirt and some heels and perfection!

Second, “She doesn’t even go here.” This is the simplest, yet most hilarious, pop culture reference. Put on a blue sweatshirt with the hood up, a pair of black men’s sunglasses and carry a sign saying “she doesn’t even go here.”

Hermione Granger… As a cat. Remember that brief time she was a cat because of a potion gone wrong? To do this costume, simply wear a black outfit with black cat ears and carry around a plastic wand or stick (your choice).

Now onto the fourth: static electricity. A terrifying thing that sticks socks to sheets and hair on its end– simply use enough hairspray to make your hair stick straight up. Then attach several socks to your shirt and you are static electricity.

Another fabulously easy idea is a dust bunny. No, I’m not telling you to look like a giant piece of dust. Instead, buy bunny ears and carry a duster. And then… Dust bunny.

Finally, a group costume to please everyone. What is required: three people, three shirts (one pink, one green, one blue), fabric paint (white, brown, black, and purple) and pigtails for one lucky person. What is this group costume? None other than Mike, Sully and Boo. Boo must have their hair in pigtails and must wear an oversized shirt and purple leggings. The other two just have to wear the shirts with the characters’ faces painted on them, of course. This is simple enough. Just position the front of the shirts on a piece of cardboard, grab some paintbrushes, Google the characters’ basic faces and paint. It’s the perfect ensemble costume.

Hopefully, now everyone is more relaxed about the impending costume decision. Happy Halloween!

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