/Deciphering the drop day deadline

Deciphering the drop day deadline

The drop date for classes was Oct. 27, as decided by a Faculty Senate vote. Photo by Reed Strength.

Before the beginning of each semester, students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor and pick out the classes that they will take. While some students may keep that schedule for the entire year, others may change their mind and drop some of their classes for a variety of reasons. Before this semester, students were able to drop classes all the way to the last day of classes. However, new policies were made for Fall 2014.
According to the Registrar at the University of Montevallo Daniel Strickland, “The Faculty Senate polled faculty on a variety of topics including the issue of setting an earlier course withdrawal deadline. 64 percent ‘strongly’ or ‘very strongly’ favored a deadline set approximately 60 percent through the academic term.” This year, that deadline fell on Monday, Oct. 27.


In comparison to the last fall semester, there were 218 fewer students who dropped at least one class between the add/drop period and the course withdrawal deadline this semester. Excluding students who withdrew from the university, there were only 434 students who dropped a class this semester.

Some students, like freshman Mytchell Walker, thought that the new deadline might help some students because “[students cannot] drop later, so [they] have to pass the class and by now [students] pretty much know if [they] are going to fail or not.”
Senior Brookes Fountain thought differently and said “It is too early to decide because a lot of bigger grades come later in the semester.” Fountain added that he feels “it puts too much pressure on students and some professors.”
Sophomore Elliott Martin did not drop any classes this semester because he was “doing alright in his classes right now.” Martin added, however, that the new deadline might become a problem later, in case certain classes do not work out how he would like them too.
No matter the intentions of the drop date change, some students were definitely upset. Martin said he thinks that if students pay for the class then they should be able to drop whenever they want.
For those student that are especially worried about any academic hardship that may pop up after the deadline, there is a policy that allows recourse for students in emergency situations.

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