/BA/BS art students embracing change with first senior exhibition  
BA/BS art exhibition. Photo by Amelia Valery, photo editor.

BA/BS art students embracing change with first senior exhibition  

By Kendall Murray

Montevallo’s Art Department opened the first senior BA/BS student art exhibition for senior art majors. The exhibition was held from March 12 to March 17 at the Bloch Hall Gallery. 

The senior exhibitions showcase the artworks of graduating Montevallo art students. 

The exhibition showcased artworks by Nat Jones, Ben Bannister, Charley Lint, Henry Collins, Kiara Brown, Sapir Blain, Hannah Campbell, Laura Bullock, Makayla Montgomery, Katherine Myrick, Adaline Vogel, Madelyn Alexander, Destiny Hinton and Evan Schallock. 

Students work with a variety of mediums such as painting, photography, new media, sculpting, printmaking, and drawing had the opportunity to exhibit the artwork they submitted.  

Henry Collins, who work primarily in new media, created an animation called “Poison Duck: Enter Winter.” Collins’s animation featured a cartoon duck character named Poison Duck saving a group of ducklings from a castle. 

According to Collins, his animation took him 4 months to make in Adobe Animate. He hopes to have a career in animation. 

Dr. Ryan Foster, professor of the BA/BS exhibition course said students are now required to take the Senior Seminar course. Just like how BFA students are now in charge of installing their work. 

This course gives BA/BS students the experience of installing their work, similar to BFA students’ exhibitions. 

“We plan to host a BA/BS show each semester moving forward; however, if the Art Department doesn’t have at least 5 or 6 BA/Bs majors then we will fold their work into the BFA shows and it will not be a dedicated group exhibition,” Foster said. 

The difference between BA/BS and BFA is the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science students take fewer art classes than the BFA students. They replace those courses with more classes outside the art department. 

The BA/BS degree includes the study of art with a minor in the field of studying a different concentration. Combines the elements of traditional art education with a broad study of art and art history. 

“We wanted to give the BA/BS students the same capstone experience as our BFA students. Displaying their work adds a sense of closure to their college experience,” Foster said.

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