/Athlete spotlight: Men’s lacrosse player Dylan Witt
Picture of Dylan Witt in a Montevallo sweatshirtDylan Witt headshot. Photo by Madelyn Alexander, Photo Editor

Athlete spotlight: Men’s lacrosse player Dylan Witt

Dylan Witt originally started off playing football, but as he tried new sports, lacrosse became one of his life passions. He has been playing for eight years, and despite being a junior at Montevallo, he’s still got two more seasons of lacrosse due to the NCAA giving student-athletes an extra year of eligibility from COVID-19. 

According to Witt, lacrosse has ultimately shaped him to be the leader he is today.   

“My teammates come from all different cultures and backgrounds. I think it [lacrosse] helped me become a man by finding ways to bring people together,” he said. 

For him, lacrosse has become more than just a sport; it has become, “more about caring about others.” 

By being a leader on the team, Witt focuses on the team rather than focusing on his own best interest.  

Last season, Witt could not play against one of the toughest opponents Montevallo has seen, Belmont Abbey, who were ranked number six in the nation. Montevallo lost to the nationally ranked team 21-6 while Witt had to watch his defense on the sideline. 

This year, however, Montevallo faces the team again.  

 “I made some mistakes and did not get to compete against them last year. I want them to see what the entire Montevallo lacrosse team is really about,” Witt said. 

Witt wasn’t always a team leader but a follower. He played football during high school, where he hardly saw playing time until his senior year.  

“The hard work I put in with no expectation of reward made me who I am,” said Witt. 

Now being one of the leaders for the Montevallo lacrosse team, Witt is looking towards the upcoming season.  

The new players to the team, freshmen and transfer players, have all “meshed very well with our team.”  

“This has been a stressful year for everyone, and for us to all get back to what we love is truly amazing. Seeing all of us being able to compete again excites me every day,” said Witt.  

Looking back at the previous season and COVID, he continued, “I am more thankful than I ever have been before. The team is learning to not take advantage of anything in this life.” 

While on the field student-athletes are focused on their sports, they also have to keep up with their academics off the field.  

For Witt, though, lacrosse is a perfect fit for his lifestyle. Majoring in exercise and nutritional science, he said, “I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.”  

Witt’s life motto is always to be the best version of himself he can be. 

While not playing lacrosse, Witt’s favorite place to be is the student activity center. He enjoys working out, listening to music and wakeboarding. Recently, he has taken up teaching people how to wakeboard at Oak Mountain.  

“It has become a huge part of my life. Teaching kids has taught me patience, and the inviting wakeboarding culture has shown me a different outlook on life,” he said.  

After college, Witt plans to coach college lacrosse or become a strength and conditioning coach.  

Continually striving to be his best, Witt said, “Through life, I always try to grow and change for the better. Through lacrosse, the best version not only mean the best I can be athletically but be the best teammate I can possibly be.” 

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