/App spotlight: Co-Star

App spotlight: Co-Star

It’s far from hyperbolic to say that for thousands of years humans have been fascinated with the celestial bodies. Tracking the journeys of the stars and planets is a tradition that stretches further back than most of us can imagine and deriving meaning from the galaxy’s path was only a natural next-step. Thus, the study of astrology was born.   

Especially relevant to the practice of Western astrology is the position of the stars at the time of one’s birth. From this placement, one can determine their sun sign, which is the primary aspect of one’s natal chart that mainstream horoscopes take into account when forecasting the future.  

 But I’m getting ahead of myself. If I lost you at “sun sign” or “natal chart,” then “Co-Star” might be the application for you.  

Intended for astrology-novices and experts alike, this app utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), data from NASA and consulting astrologers to provide a one-stop shop for all your zodiac-related needs: personality analyses; daily horoscopes; compatibility measurements; and, the occasional explanation regarding the more intricate aspects of the subject, such as trines, sextiles and houses.  

The first step down the path of accessible astrological intel is the calculation of the user’s natal chart, which requires some base-level knowledge about one’s birth that – if you’re not already privy to it – can halt the process in its tracks. So, before downloading ensure that you know the date, location and exact time of your nativity. However, once those details are secured, your work is done. Using the cosmos as its guide, an all-encompassing picture of the user’s personality is painted that one can refer back to as they please.  

“Co-Star” then utilizes AI to comb through data from NASA, tracking the current location of the planets and translating that information daily into individualized and easy-to-read insights on luck, opportunities, frustrations and challenges. 

The application’s web page further explains the benefits of having a unique horoscope at your fingertips: “The moon, other planets in the solar system and the 12 houses of the zodiac each represent a different part of life, like relationships, work and home. Without this information, you’re getting a cookie cutter horoscope rather than one personalized just for you.”  

What elevates the experience even further, though, is the application’s more interactive features. Users have the option of adding fellow astrology enthusiasts as friends, which allows more curious users access to others’ charts for both scrutiny and comparison. Friends’ compatibility is measured as well, with each clashing and complimentary trait spelled out and color coded.   

This facet of the app makes for good entertainment, as it allows you to piece together why all your exes are Scorpios and why your best friends are only water signs.   

Although some take these “divine” predictions more seriously than others, there’s no harm in joining the fun and learning what the difference between your sun, moon and rising signs are, especially as the practice becomes more mainstream. 

The app is currently only available for iPhone users, but the creators promise an Android-friendly version is on its way.

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