/App happy: Five must-have apps for students

App happy: Five must-have apps for students

The only appropriate emoji for expressing how much you’ll love these applications. Photo by Kagetsuki/Phantom Open Emoji/GitHub.

For students on the go, scrolling through the app store on our phones can be tedious and overwhelming. From productive to proudly the opposite, the following are a few apps meant to distract from the burden of school and life in general.


Next app screenshot


















For a student always on the lookout for their next favorite song, Next is the perfect app. Aspiring musicians can upload a song or video up to three minutes long and users can help them gain popularity by swiping left to like or right to dismiss. Users can also follow their favorite musicians and receive updates whenever the artists upload new music.


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Developed by neuroscientists, Lumosity works as a brain training app to strengthen attention, memory, problem solving, multi-tasking and mental flexibility. Every day there’s a new set of three games designed to help strengthen your mind in those areas. As you play the games each day, they increase in difficulty to keep the gears turning in your brain.






















The app’s film-inspired filters add a small artistic touch to your pictures when Instagram’s options just aren’t enough. The user can choose from different variations of the app’s argyle, heather and linen filters in addition to regular photo editing tools. Once all your desired edits are made, it gives you the option to export the picture to Instagram to be shared and to make your friends seethe with envy.

“Nike+ Training Club”

Nike+ app screenshot





















When you want to work out but the SAC feels oh-so far away, this fitness app offers different workout sequences that you can do in the comfort of your room. There are over 100 visual workouts to choose from to help you get lean, toned, strong and focused. Some are even hosted by Nike Pro athletes like Serena Williams, Skylar Diggins and Gabby Douglas.


Wanelo screenshot 4



















Combine the easy scrolling layout of Tumblr with the endless options of online shopping and you get Wanelo. The app’s name comes from the first two letters of the words want, need and love, which is exactly what you’ll be saying as you add everything you see to a wish list. Whenever you save an item, the app figures out your preferences to find other things you may like.

Photos by Jasmyne Ray.

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