/The disaster movies of Netflix

The disaster movies of Netflix

There are two different types of bad films. The first type is the entertainingly horrible movie. This is where the movie is so horribly made and the acting is so terrible that it’s almost comical to its audience. An example of this is the summer landmark, “Sharknado.”

The second type is the painfully horrible movie. This type, in particular, describes two films currently on Netflix. “Elf Bowling” and “Rubber” are both so bad it almost hurts every aspect of your being to watch. They are both so horrible in different ways it is hard to choose which one is worse.

“Rubber” has a more artistic approach in its homage of the belief that things can happen for no reason.

For example, the opening of the movie shows a man with binoculars waiting on a car in the desert. The dirt road in front of him has chairs staggered along the middle of the road. The car pulls up and proceeds to knock over and break every chair. When the car stops, a policeman pops out of the trunk. All of this is for no reason at all.

The whole movie is about a group of people who observe a tire, named Robert, that can move on its own and make objects, animals and people explode. This whole concept is truly bizarre and is unfathomable to begin with. The acting and effects are fairly decent, but the movie in and of itself is absolutely horrible.

The other film, “Elf Bowling,” is borderline catastrophic. The plotline is scattered, the acting is atrocious and the jokes are extremely cheap. This movie fails in every aspect of filmmaking known to man.

Overall, this animated film is about Santa Claus and his brother, Dingle Kringle, going from being pirates to taking over the North Pole. It is an hour and a half of pure pain and torture. The animation is poor and doesn’t sync well with the dialogue.

Santa’s elves slap their behinds and make arm farts to express joy. It is rude and disturbing to watch.

The music of this film should never be heard by human or animal ears. Not even a child would like this music. It is plain and the harmonies are extremely off.

Finally, this film doesn’t center around the online game of “Elf Bowling” at all. It is only mentioned and shown in the film three times. To be honest, this film doesn’t deserve a title.

Watching both “Rubber” and “Elf Bowling” is a complete waste of time and use of Netflix. They are both horrible movies that should never have come into existence.

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