/Seven practical stocking-stuffer ideas for Montevallo students

Seven practical stocking-stuffer ideas for Montevallo students

As Christmas grows closer and closer and money becomes tighter and tighter, finding gifts can be a burden on the mind and pocket. Here are a few inexpensive, yet practical stocking stuffer ideas that every college student needs.

1.   Razors: No shave November has reached its end, yet many probably haven’t shaved those horrid attempts at a beard. Razors can be found pretty much anywhere and their range in price is anywhere between $3 and $200 (electric).

2.   Socks: I know you used to make jokes about getting us socks as a kid, but we need socks, Mom. Don’t be afraid to get us socks with cool designs. If they are anything but ankle socks, they better have a cool color scheme. Our generation doesn’t like high socks of the white variety.

3.   Pens: Lots of pens. No goofy colors, just black or blue. Preferably the kind of pen that clicks. No one likes a pen that has a removable top.

4.   Extra sheets. Fairly inexpensive if you avoid the Egyptian kind and the high thread counts. Men don’t really care, but their girlfriends do. We all know about college students and their laundry habits, right?

5.   Underwear: see number 4. Although underwear is fairly inexpensive, men are becoming more and more particular about what they wear under their jeans. Nothing beats a pair of boxers with camels or lobsters on them.

6.   Oil Change/Tire Rotation: Dads, your kids might not be getting it done. I would check.

7.   Gift cards: Preferably Huddle House, Steak and Shake and Taco Bell. Montevallo is limited when it comes to late night food.

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