/Pep band set to play at basketball games next semester
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Pep band set to play at basketball games next semester

By Wesley Walter 

The University of Montevallo Music Department announced it is starting a pep band to perform during all UM basketball games played at home. The band will consist of both traditional band instruments and a rhythm section. 

Any interested students who have experience playing these instruments are encouraged to apply for a position in the band or for the position of Student Director, which will include leading and conducting the band. Any students with experience directing or conducting an ensemble are encouraged to apply for this position. 

Membership in the band will be a paid position. Although the amount of money for performing is not finalized, students are expected to make $30-50 per game. Pep band participants will also be provided a free meal at every game they attend.  

Auditions are set to be held late in the fall semester. Any interested students must complete a form sent to their email in UM’s ValloVoice newsletter for further information about auditions and participation. 

After auditions, students must officially sign up for the pep band through Banner by registering for MUP 122-201 for the spring 2022 semester. 

Students who have any questions regarding the band can call the UM Music Office at 205-665-6670 for further details. 

As well as being expected to be able to attend all basketball home games, participants are also expected to be available for rehearsals on Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. during the final weeks of the fall semester. One extended rehearsal is planned for an undecided time in December. 

Band performances are expected to begin next semester on Jan. 6. 

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