/Letter to the editor: Residence hall visitation policies.
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Letter to the editor: Residence hall visitation policies.

Dear University of Montevallo Housing Office, 

I am a student at the University of Montevallo seeking a change about the visitation policies in place at the resident’s halls on campus. Currently we are only allowed to have guests over from noon to midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and noon to two am. Friday and Saturday. Being that we have our independence as college aged students, I feel as if we have the responsibility to manage our time and have guests over as we see fit.  

This change would allow students to learn time management, self-control and give us freedom. Initially, when deciding pros and cons of this proposal, the safety of the residence crossed my mind. I know this issue will stir up a lot of concerns pertaining to the well-being of students and staff. However, guests cannot enter the building without authorization from their escort. All doors remained locked, and you must have your student ID in order to get into the building.  

Regarding the safety of residents, it could be enforced that all guests must sign in and provide a valid ID that will be held until the end of their visit. This ensures that all unknown guests are accounted for and will be easier for resident advisors to monitor the halls. This would add onto the safety protocols already in place at Montevallo.  

When the University of Montevallo first opened in 1896, the housing rules were much different from what they are today. Female students were only allowed male visitors on Tuesday and Thursdays from one to five pm. Over time they began to push for more privileges. The 1978 Montevallo yearbook features a page about all the changes being made on campus. One of these changes included the visitation policy. The next year to follow, visitors were allowed seven days a week. We need to see a change being made, similarly to the one in 1978.  


Alexis Goodman  

Alexis Goodman
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