/Letter to the editor: cleaning the vents
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Letter to the editor: cleaning the vents

Clean air is an absolute essential to live and be healthy. A university should care about their student’s health and do what they can to help keep students healthy. As a student at the University of Montevallo, I do not feel like our health is being looked out for within the dorms. The air quality in the Lund Hall dorm rooms is horrible. The daily issue of waking up with sore and dry throats that I and all of the dorm occupants have to deal with is unacceptable. We should be able to live in a room that has clean air and does not regularly make people sick. My roommate and I purchased a filter to tape over the vent and within a week it had turned black. This is not ok. 

This is simple to fix. Get the air vents cleaned! This should be something that is done regularly and not left untouched. The university should be taking care of its residents and cleaning the air vents is a good way to start. There is no reason why the air vents should or cannot be cleaned regularly. So why has the university not cleaned them? The residents of Lund Hall and I would like to know. Student’s health should be taken care of, and inhaling dirty and dangerous air that can possibly cause respiratory infections is not a way to do that. The University of Montevallo needs to wake up and solve the issues that they neglect. 


Morgan Trites 

Morgan Trites
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