/Letter to the editor: Campus basketball court 
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Letter to the editor: Campus basketball court 

By Jake Taylor 

I am a student at the University of Montevallo, and one of the first issues I noticed when I arrived on campus was the basketball court behind the Student Activity Center does not have lines drawn out. It is not a major issue, but I suggest that someone could go out there and spray paint lines or create some that gives the court an entirely increased value with it being like a regulation court. When meeting a lot of students who like to play pick-up basketball, they mentioned that Montevallo is not a big basketball school, but we have students that want to play. It would encourage students who are into basketball to play structurally organized games and practice their basketball skills.   

When on a court without lines, games are very open and freelance. Players just run on a court around a ball causing no rhythm and spacing to the game. With the addition of lines, players would know exactly where they are on a court causing them to be more fluid and comfortable. It would also increase chances of making shots as the courts have double rims. This also allows for new players to understand and play within the boundaries of the game.  

Adding lines could also lead to a basketball club opening on campus. It could be a student-led project to measure and add a free throw line and a regulation three-point line on each of the end goals, with either spray paint or another material. When I talk to other hoopers on the court about it, everyone is down with it. A friend, Joe Macks, student senator, had mentioned this idea in meetings and they say next year they will add something. I believe people should act now before it is another issue just swept under the rug.

Jake Taylor
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