/“Getaway” too fast for comfort

“Getaway” too fast for comfort

“Getaway” may indicate the end of the bad movie trend.

“Getaway” is about a returned race car driver, played by Ethan Hawke, whose wife has been kidnapped. The kidnapper gives him tasks to accomplish while driving a stolen car. He is eventually accompanied by the owner of the car, played by Selena Gomez.

This film is not particularly artistic, but it does fulfill its purpose in entertaining an audience. It is fast-paced, has interesting camera angles and is suspenseful.

However, its fast-paced start skims through the character build-up. It also doesn’t give the audience a chance to fully comprehend what is going on until about a third of the way through the movie.

The movie begins with a crime scene and goes straight into the conflict of the plot. This is way too fast for an audience to process. Usually, films will take the time to have some kind of backstory or twist in the beginning before the main conflict occurs. This film does not possess either of those.

Gomez’s entrance is also extremely rushed. The audience really doesn’t get to know her backstory or who she is until more than halfway through.

The technical side of the film is pretty average. The acting is good but not great. Jon Voight’s off-screen portrayal of the antagonist’s voice is excellent.

However, Gomez’s acting ability in this film is poor. She does a decent job, but she doesn’t show signs of growth at all as an actress.

The most impressive and creative aspect of the film, which ultimately saves it from being below decent, is the camera shots.

For example, towards the end of the film the audience gets a chance to experience the feel and look of what it is like to race down a busy highway. This is achieved through only camera angles and sound effects.

The film “Getaway” isn’t by any means a great movie, but it is entertaining and it is a good movie to watch when you just want to relax and enjoy the mad rush of car crashes and explosions.

The Alabamian gives this film a 6/10 rating.

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