/“Frozen” warms hearts

“Frozen” warms hearts

“Frozen,” the newest animated creation from Disney, has warmed the collective hearts of moviegoers with its charm and grace. With over 66 million tickets sold on movietickets.com, “Frozen” introduces audiences to two new princesses and a brand new fairytale.

For those who have seen the commercials and short videos of the movie, do not pay attention to any of them! The commercials do not serve this movie justice.

The overall plot of the movie centers around two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Anna is a free spirited girl who longs for companionship. Elsa is the eldest and possesses the power to control ice and snow powers. She keeps this a secret from Anna to protect her.

Tensions rise during Elsa’s coronation when she accidentally releases her powers amongst the party guests and the entire town. Elsa flees the kingdom to seek solitude among the mountain tops. The safety of the kingdom lies with Anna and her companions to convince Elsa to calm her powers and stop the kingdom from sinking into eternal winter.

Sounds cheesy right? Well, in a way it is a classic cheesy Disney movie, but there is much more to it. The movie is structured like a contemporary musical, complete with beautiful lyrics and orchestration. It has a classic 1990s Disney feel, which is one of the main things bringing so many audiences to see it.

_Frozen_ movie poster MS- from Disney WikiElsa, played by Broadway actress Idina Menzel, brings a new light to this supposedly “evil” ice queen. Elsa is one of the few characters with power that uses her gifts wisely once she has the space and freedom to expand and fully come alive within herself. She lets go of her powers, but she doesn’t go overboard and crave more. She uses the time to train and focus on her limitations.

Anna, played by Kristen Bell, also brings a light to her unique personality. She is not exactly graceful and can be extremely goofy, but this is why girls can relate to her so well. She isn’t afraid to be herself and never holds back on how she truly feels every moment of the film.

The two sisters are polar opposites, but they have a special connection that ultimately saves their lives and the lives of their people. This is a Disney movie worth seeing over and over again. It allows people of all ages to connect and it gives great entertainment for those who are having a rough day.

This movie deserves a 10/10. Positively one of the best movies of the year.

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