/Fashion on the Bricks: College Night Edition
Claire Coddell

Fashion on the Bricks: College Night Edition

Claire Coddell poses with her GV’s held high. Photo by Lily Dickinson

While at many other colleges the month of February might spark thoughts of clothes in reds and pinks, here at Montevallo students preparing for College Night can only think in purple or gold. Students on both sides of the College Night divide eagerly pull out their best clothes in their side’s colors, ready to show their allegiance through their fashion.

Claire Coddell, a senior Gold Side member, showed her support for her Side by wearing a shirt homemade by her sorority sister’s mom. The shirt, black with “GV” in large gold lettering decorated the front, creating a clean, tasteful style.

The look was completed thanks to a beautiful golden sweater purchased at Target, picked out by Coddell specifically for the purpose of supporting her side. Coddell is so eager to show such enthusiasm for Gold Side, because when she was picking a side Gold really struck the right chord.

“I just fit in more and I already knew a bunch of people that were Gold,” Coddell says, “It just fit my values.”

Likewise, fellow senior Leslie Smith, a Purple, is very good at showing her Purple pride. Decked out in bright purple clothes paired perfectly with an excited cow print vest and hat, Smith leaves no room for doubt about which side she cheers for. Smith’s udderly fantastic look was put together through a combination of hand-me-downs and thrift store purchases.

“This was passed down to me from one of my Purple relatives,” Smith said about her vest, “and I just love buttons, so I kept putting on buttons, so this is kind of like my icon I guess, and then I found my hat at the thrift store and it just kind of worked with the cow print. And I try to be obnoxious, but I can’t scream loud enough, so here’s a cow bell.”

Similar to Coddell’s choice of Gold Side, Smith chose Purple Side because of how well she fit in, citing the importance of family on Purple Side.

“It’s a really big deal where I come from and so when I came here and it was like hey, you can be adopted and have six thousand children of your own,” Smith explains, “I like that, I’ll jump in on that.”

No matter who wins or loses on Saturday night, you can be sure to see Purples and Golds dressed to show how much they love their respective sides.

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