/“Easy on Me” by Adele shatters multiple records
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“Easy on Me” by Adele shatters multiple records

By: Samantha Cost 

Rumor has it, Adele is back and here to stay, with her new hit song “Easy on Me” being just a taste of what her upcoming album has to offer. Released on Oct. 14, “Easy on Me” is Adele’s most vulnerable song yet. 

Her song immediately blew up, topping the charts and breaking records overnight. Spotify tweeted on Oct. 15 congratulating Adele on having Spotify’s most-streamed song in a single day. Amazon Music revealed on Oct. 16 that the new hit had “the most first-day Alexa song requests in Amazon Music history.”   

Adele’s new song not only broke records for streaming services but radio records as well. According to Variety, “Easy on Me” became the most played song in U.S. radio history during the song’s first week on the air. According to Variety, it also “became the first song to be the most-added at five different formats in a single week. Those formats are Top 40, adult contemporary, Hot AC, adult album alternative and R&B.” 

Besides all the records her song has broken, she has also revealed that her new album “30” featuring “Easy on Me” will be released on Nov. 19. Adele told fans on an Instagram live that this new album will be about “Divorce, baby. Divorce!” Adele and Simon Konecki divorced back in 2019 when Adele was 30, which fits the style of her previous album titles, “21” and “25” 

In an interview with British Vogue, Adele revealed that she wrote “Easy on me” for her son, trying to explain why she had to choose her own happiness and get a divorce. This song talks about the struggle and fears involving new love and tells new lovers to go easy on her.  

The instrumentals are a bit repetitive at times and give the song a softer feel, however, the basic take on the instrumentals helps to spotlight the lyrics in the song. The lyrics paired with Adele’s bold vocal range make a striking contrast to the softer instrumentals which makes the song feel quite bold. 

Adele has an upcoming interview with Oprah on Nov. 14 before “30” releases. The interview is part of CBS’s “Adele One Night Only” concert special. In this two-hour special, Adele will perform some of her classic songs, as well as unheard songs from her upcoming album. 

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