/Best of the worst summer movies

Best of the worst summer movies

Summer is prime time for moviegoers to see the best blockbuster films of the year; however, this summer has had it’s fair share of box office busts.

While the Smurfs may be cute and blue, “Smurfs 2” is the fifth worst movie of the summer. It is a cute kids film, but that is all there is to it.
Yes, it has a talented cast and is somewhat witty. However, not even Neil Patrick Harris can turn this cartoon crossover into a truly good movie. The jokes are obnoxious and there is too much slapstick in this film.
In addition to everything else, the evil creatures that are introduced are given the name, “the Naughties.” Of all things to call evil Smurfs, the creators chose “the Naughties.” That name doesn’t sound right in any way, shape or form.
To put it mildly, this movie should not have been shown in theaters. It needed to go straight to DVD or Blu-Ray and be over. The filmmakers and producers would have saved a lot more money that way.

The fourth worst movie is none other than the epic fail, “Planes.” It is about a crop dusting plane that dreams to race but is afraid of heights.
This film is extremely simple in style and substance. Most of the movie’s focus is on the younger viewers. It almost completely ignores the fact that older generations are watching it too.
Its predecessor, “Cars,” has a storyline that is entertaining to everyone, and all of the characters are extremely unique. “Planes,” however, has mediocre and stereotypical characters with simple goals to achieve.
While this film is good for much younger viewers, adults are left in their seats nodding off as the planes take off on their race to the end credits.

The post-apocalyptic film “After Earth,” however, should not have even started with the opening credits. It isn’t entertainingly horrible and it isn’t offensively bad, it is just disappointing–which is why it is the third worst summer movie.
In this film, Will Smith plays a father who is dying after his ship crash-lands on Earth. His son, played by Jaden Smith, must send a signal for help and survive on the planet they once called home.
This is one of the first major films that Will Smith has written the story for. It is an interesting concept, but it could have been better executed. It needed more time to flourish and grow. The movie script isn’t quite ready for a major audience.
Will and Jaden Smith’s performances in this film are lacking in ways that their past performances are not.
For example, Jaden Smith’s performance in this film is not up to par with his previous work in “The Karate Kid.” Will Smith also seemed to be holding back in moments where he could have gone a little further to bring the scene to life.

Little good can be said about the second worst summer movie. “We’re the Millers” is not a film worth seeing, even on cable TV. The script is garbage, the storyline has too much going on and the actors are undeniably degrading themselves.
“We’re the Millers” is about a pot dealer who creates a fake family to smuggle marijuana from Mexico to the U.S. His fake family consists of a stripper, a virgin and a teen runaway.
There is so much going on in this film and so many plot twists. It is just too much to handle in one sitting. It’s like the filmmakers are trying too hard to be funny.
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis are so much better than this. They can be phenomenal actors, but this is their worst performance ever. Overall, for any person looking for a good laugh or a good movie, watching this film is not a good idea.

•And now, the best worst film of the whole summer: None other than the epicly horrendous film, “Sharknado.”
First of all, “Sharknado” is one of the most horribly made films to have graced audiences across the country. It is about a hurricane that engulfs Los Angeles and unleashes thousands of sharks upon the unsuspecting citizens via land, sea and air.
The acting is forced, the script is choppy and the graphics are completely unrealistic. Plus, the man-eating sharks don’t even sound like sharks. They sound like hungry lion cubs. How ferocious is that?
To be honest, this movie is so bad that it is enjoyable to make fun of. The storyline is intriguing, yet so impossible in the real world. How many times are you going to see a normal guy cut a flying shark in half with a chainsaw?  This question will most likely be answered in its sequel, which will premiere in 2014.

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