Noah Wortham

Preservation versus remastering of film

Photo from Star Wars: A New Hope During the 1980’s there was a significant backlash against the colorization of black and white films. Colorization was a practice that was popularized by Ted Turner, who defended his company’s actions in 1986 by stating, “I own the films we’re in the process of colorizing.”   This viewpoint was starkly rebuked in 1988 by director George Lucas who testified before Congress that “the public’s interest is ultimately dominant over all other interests” and “American law does not protect our painters, sculptors, recording artists, authors, or filmmakers from having their lifework distorted and their reputation ruined.”   It is interesting to note that George Lucas...

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Next generation Xbox revealed

Graphic by Bell Jackson Fans have waited with anticipation for more information about the next generation of gaming consoles. The Xbox Series X was revealed during the Game Awards on December 12, 2019, and the Playstation 5 was just revealed on June 11, 2020. For a long time after the reveals, many speculated that the two companies, Sony and Microsoft, were trying to undercut each other with their release and price information. Regardless of why they have waited so long to reveal release information, Microsoft has finally spoken up, but only because their hand was forced.  On Sept. 7, an image of...

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George Clanton & Nick Hexum Review

Cover art from Under Your Window / Out of the Blue by George Clanton and Nick Hexu (Brian Blomerth/100% Electronica). Summer is almost over and there is no better way to close it out than by listening to “George Clanton & Nick Hexum.” Due to recent circumstances, the record feels like the summer we never had. If the title of the record was not evident, this is a self-titled collaboration between artists George Clanton of 100% Electronica and Nick Hexum of 311.   George is known for his vaporwave flavored electronica and synthpop. George currently releases music under his real name despite...

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Beginner’s guide to wearing a mask

Dr. Tiffany Wang (top left), Carson Reed (top right), Carmen Avans (bottom left) and Dr. Cynthia Mwenja (bottom right) showing off their masks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mask have become an important part of everyone’s lives. With mask now a required part of many of our wardrobe for the day, it is helpful to have an understanding of why mask are being required, the best type of mask to wear, the advantages of wearing the mask and the limitations upon what they can accomplish.   Why should I wear a mask?              According to the World Health Organization, the virus is...

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